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10 female jobs that will surely lead to divorce – Run away from #6 with your body, soul and spirit


10. Transportation Worker

While you may have read this heading and thought I’m talking about being a bus driver, a day in the life of a transportation worker is on a whole other level. These women usually drive big trucks throughout their country and being away from home weeks on end means saying goodbye to their family for long periods of time.

Their personal safety is compromised as they drive through multiple cities carrying the delicious food that we buy from grocery stores and other products. This job can leave people feeling lonely when they spend most of their time commuting in a truck.

Sitting most of the time can cause back problems and all you want to do is be healthy to go home to your family.

It may start to feel like a dead end job and this can create a limited income if there is no ladder to climb at your company. You just need to hope that if you set up your lifestyle the right way, you can work for a certain period of time throughout the year and take an extended vacation.



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