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20 most expensive houses in the world and their prices, owners – This list will blow your mind

Expensive Houses: Sitting around in your apartment, have you ever thought to yourself that it’s too pricey, especially for what you get out of it? You’re sharing a bathroom with three other people, the gym has one working treadmill and a 10 pound dumbbell— and you’re paying $500 a month. It is enough to make you dream about having your own huge house, but there are some that are completely unobtainable if you aren’t a mega millionaire.

Today, we will focus on those houses that are so expensive that the mortgage payments each month are higher than your annual salary. Maybe even higher than what some people will make in a decade. These are the houses that have about a dozen bedrooms, even more bathrooms, private gyms, bowling alleys, movie theaters and all that good stuff.

These places are essentially malls where only the people that live there or are invited there get to see the inside of. If you have ever passed a mansion with a huge gate and a security guard at the front of it, it might be on this list. Surprisingly, America doesn’t top the list with the most expensive houses in the world, with Europe taking the lead.

Still, most regions are well represented and if you are ever lucky enough, you might get to see one of these in person. Here are the world’s top 20 most expensive home.

#20 – Starwood Estate – Aspen, CO ($10.8 Million)

Starwood is currently listed for sale at $10.8 million and was owned by the late John Denver, whose name belongs in Colorado. The singer/songwriter loved the gated property and lived there up until his tragic death in a plane crash. You and your family/friends can actually rent the house out while it is being sold, but you might want to collect a few paychecks before even thinking about it.

There are seven bedrooms and six bathrooms, which is a bit small for the houses on this list, but there is a lot more outside of the house. The indoor pool can be used year round, and you can also hit the tennis court outside if the weather cooperates. A movie theater and private gym are nice additional bonuses to the massive estate, so save up your pennies for a weekend there!



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