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A tragic story of a family that had three massive lions as pets – Don’t open if you’re too emotional (With Real Pictures)

Lions: In the 1970s, there was a family in Soviet Union which kept real lions as home pets in their small apartment in Baku city (now Azerbaijan). The head of the family – his name, ironically, was Leo (or Lion in Russian) was a normal Soviet architect. One day, he got a lion cub from the zoo. The little lion had been rejected by his mom-lioness and people of the zoo lost hope to bring him up. So Leo kept a cub for himself. This was the beginning of a long happy story with a really tragic ending. And this is not what you probably think happened. We have this story inside so let’s read on:


He had succeeded in feeding a lion. The animal started to grow, right in the family apartment of Leo. It was a normal family of four – Leo, his wife, and two their kids.

The lion was growing and was totally peaceful towards people. In less than one year, it turned to a full grown animal with a huge hair mane. They called him “King” and they were saying that his temper was of a noble one.

They once tried to bring him back to the zoo, but the animal got really mad on the way there, jumping in the car. The workers of the zoo told the family that they never could part with the animal now, because he too got used to them. Just like a normal cat. So they had to keep it.

Leo’s wife, Nina, always buttressed: “The young lion loved her husband a lot. And was treating me gently, as a woman. But at a time, some other feelings towards me arouse in the animal. He started to sleep between us on our bed and was often pushing my husband out of the bed. He probably was jealous.



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