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A tragic story of a family that had three massive lions as pets – Don’t open if you’re too emotional (With Real Pictures)

The whole family was sad. Even their dog. They say that in fact the dog has suffered the most from the missing lion. When the family has returned home and brought the things of the lion – his leash, his boxes etc. the dog, Chap, was running around and searching for the lion. When he finally understood that the lion won’t come, he climbed in one of his boxes and refused to leave. Day after he died from a heart attack as they were told by a local vet.

Nina said that kids were very sad too. “They were waking up at night shouting King! King! Don’t leave us alone!”. So guess what? The family decided to take another lion!

The new lion was a new story. Nina was saying that she was against this idea. But nobody listened to her. “That King I, the first lion, was grateful for us that we saved him from the death, massaged his paws, fed him and kept him warm, so he was paying us back with respect. The new King II was not saved by us, so he was demanding that we would respect him instead”. Besides a King II lion the family got at around same time a mountain lion.

The new King was also participating in the movies. However this new lion was much more aggressive and there were already a few incidents on the set. First, he has bitten in the leg the director who wanted to force the lion to jump into the cold sea water. We know that cats don’t like the water, don’t we?

The second occasion was when an assistant of cameraman was swinging something too fast before King II’s face. He paid for this with his finger. However thing swede going pretty nice inside the family. The lion was very friendly with the people, especially he respected the Leo – head of the family was probably head of his pack. Looked like Nina was wrong with her bad feelings towards the new animal.



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