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15 shocking photos Kim Kardashian wants the world to forget – She will do anything to take down her s*xtape

Personal histories are comprehensively traceable online. This is largely thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram becoming the forums of choice on which to share moments in life with friends, family and followers. There are some who promote themselves via these media at an expert level; step forward reality TV entrepreneur Kim Kardashian. She shares every piece of her life on social media to her 30.2 million Twitter followers and 28 million Instagram followers, her image has to be constantly guarded and well-presented knowing that every uploaded photograph can go instantly viral. This is one woman who’s only talent is to be in front of a camera and she has utilised this skill to it’s fullest.

Kim Kardashian West’s first and foremost occupation is starring in her reality television series Keeping Up With The Kardashians that has been running for 10 seasons and over 134 episodes have been recorded. This intimate look into her life has seen her married, divorced, married again and become a mother. Alongside being the Queen of Drama she also has an unbelievable amount of on-going moneymaking ventures and spin offs in all areas of beauty, fashion and technology. Bringing her total net worth to $64 million, with her mobile phone game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood worth $200 million. Not bad for a professional pouter.

15 The Time She Just Was Paris Hilton’s Drunk Friend

Once upon a time Kim Kardashian was a mere backdrop in Paris Hilton’s life and although she appeared in the same reality TV show’s as her ex-BFF her screen time was mostly spent cleaning out wardrobes at the Hilton household or carrying shopping bags for the first, original reality TV star.

Little did Hilton know that soon in a twist of events, it was her own maid who would be taking centre stage. There are many photos from the past of the pair partying it up and the glossy haired, well-dressed Kim that we know today was mostly pictured as well – a drunken mess.

Everyone has those old party-time shots we wish could just be burned and never seen again but they are always doomed to be there.

14 The Toilet Roll Endorsement

The old phrase that mocks celebrity ‘they would turn up to the opening an envelope’ rings very true in this moment where Kim Kardashian actually showed up to the opening of a public toilet in New York. In late 2010, the then Miss Kardashian smiled awkwardly for the cameras as she was sandwiched between two giant teddy bears holding signs advertising Charmin loo roll.

She was more than likely paid an eye-watering amount to agree to such a ludicrous campaign. As the woman who once charged $10,000 a tweet, it is safe to say she does not come cheap. This is most certainly one image of herself she would want wiping clean.



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