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12 reasons why Dubai is the best place to live in luxury – Number 8 & 11 is the reason Yahoo Boys will do anything to travel there (With Pics)

7 Always dressed to impress

Unless they’re traveling abroad and trying to keep it low key, or wearing some special clothes for one of their many sports, well-to-do Dubai citizens really enjoy their traditional white attire. Probably most men go shopping for clothes where the royal family members order their garments – at Al Madani. This is one of the best tailoring brands in the business, and they have existed since 1965. There’s no secret to their success. Just meticulous attention to details and very high-quality fabric. (Source: MallOfTheEmirates)

6 Power symbol: yachts

Surely there is nothing in this world that can serve as a better definition of someone’s status as the fact that a person owns a yacht. These boats are a real luxury to own, and their maintenance costs a fortune. For the affluent in Dubai, it’s no big deal. For the mere mortals, there are plenty of yachts to rent if you can’t spend a couple of millions at the moment.

5 They are reckless drivers

Ever wondered how it is that the police in Dubai have Ferraris? Well, how else could they keep up with the offenders? The highways are simply inviting you to press the pedal to the metal, and when you’re driving cars that accelerate in an instant, the police have to match the citizens. Not to mention that taking a tiger out for a ride isn’t the safest thing to do.



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