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See how this Nigerian lady serves food to her husband (Photos)

A Nigerian lady took to Facebook to share photos of how she serves her husband food, and based on the awkwardness, we believe its all for laughs. The lady identified as, Ujuamara David Paul, on the platform, was schooling ladies on how to be a, WIFE MATERIAL, when she shared the funny pictures. She wrote;

To those my brothers/friends that are not yet married, if she does not serve you food like this she’s not a WIFE MATERIAL??. To those my sisters/friends that are not married yet, if you cannot serve him food like this you’re not a wife material???? and to those sisters/friends of mine that are married if you cannot serve him food like this you better go and look for where you left your wife materialism, y’all MUST use your back as a dinning table?????………ah! Who slapped me now? ????.

See pictures below;

wife material
wife material
wife material
wife material
wife material
wife material ()


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  1. Max Okechukwu says

    If the love is still there, I don’t see anything wring about it

  2. Stainless Anene says


  3. Genevive CynthiaKim says


  4. Digika Brownson says

    Christmas is around the corner, nothing way you no go see Sha…

  5. Aboubakar Issaka says


  6. Mirian Ufondu says

    She no get hand work

  7. George Asieduntow says

    This is never a confirmation of love .You don’t please any one at the expense of your extreme discomfort .Love is the simplest display of a good heart and Respectability .

  8. Rejoice Antina Musonda says

    Bana Ipupa Alice Yande Nachinsambwe Chikandila start serving like this…slavery ayikona kikikikikikiki

  9. Kelechukwu Kema Nwokoma says

    The big question is this…who dropped the tray of food on her back.

    Please explain

  10. Cj Banks says

    What a Very Fat Lie.

  11. Igho Kuti says

    Non sense, cheap fame make X-ray man catch u.

  12. Emeruom Emmanuel says

    It means everyday the husband has two options.Either to eat the meal or take the DOWN BELOW.

  13. Debby Fortune says

    A reasonable man will not let her try such

  14. Adimchinobi Marcel says

    This is the real definition of…Will you eat me after eating, or will you eat before eating me… If you know,you know

  15. Okoro Buisi Bueze says


  16. Wakanda Princes Alychem says

    ???? Pls don’t try these nonsense in Kenya

  17. Chidiebere Julius says

    D girl needs money from d husband we know dem, just wait list is coming

  18. Queen Pearl says


  19. Delali Del Bastozormelo says

    Who placed the food at her back

  20. Gloria Ejiofor says

    Not surprised when the house looks like Amadioha Shrine anything can happen .cos I think she needs help

  21. Obuikem Edward Jnr says


  22. Zilo Ume says


  23. Goodness Emekaraonye says


  24. Treyz Mose says

    That’s not love but torture. I wonder if the woman in the picture has parents or close relatives to go back to

  25. Ngu Zita says

    Who placed the tray on her back and who is going to take off the tray off her back?? The multi million dollar question.

  26. Chuka Ezeh says


  27. Yusuf Funke says

    A reasonable man will never turn his wife to a slave

  28. Sweetlove Mamley Tawiah says


  29. Idara-abasi Sunday says

    #Jabaleft how did you know?

  30. Ekeoma Mary says

    Not possible.

  31. Arc Mustapha Mohammed says

    Who balance the food for her back?

  32. Morenikeji Michael Owoola says

    Madness from the highest degree!

  33. Akande Ibrahim says

    Were is even the husband

  34. Onukwuo Onyebuchi Greg says

    any day my wife tries this just to please me she’s getting divorced..??

  35. Fatai Latifat says


  36. Adam Lukman says

    so funny

  37. Adewunmi Musbau Excellence says

    Good job, I we like to married a woman like you

  38. Aondoakaa Vivian says


  39. Gift Agbagu says


  40. Victory Ogboda says

    This woman is sick

  41. Essien Bongane says

    It’s good that this only take place in Nigeria movie, but not in a real life otherwise i would say that the day my wife does this to me i will first of all bring that tray down and eat her first thing before going for the foods… be joke oh!

  42. Favour Samuel says

    wife material 1000yards,RUBBISH

  43. Cecilia Offor says

    Evening if you do all things they will still find fault from you

  44. Chimamanda Nkiru Chisom says

    This is what happens to women with low self-esteem.

  45. Chinecherem Benjamin Nze says

    Nonsense is my housemaid a slave not alone my wife

  46. San Dra says

    I can’t do for a man what i did not do for my MOTHER

  47. Koko Kusuma says

    pls is she a slave ? or house house,cos na only them are been treat this way

  48. Obuofor Mallam says

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  49. Hesbon Wendo Bonnie Bulemi says

    If she can be naked at that time then I know she will confuse me and make me weak i will start shaking my body like agerarator running off diesel

  50. Princess Bibilv says
  51. De Banks says

    Od3 ?????

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