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Top 10 cult groups in Nigerian Universities: Their symbols, how they started, coded names, colours & slangs to beware of!

Cult groups in Nigerian Universities: A cult refers to a group of people with similar goals and interest it could be religious, social, spiritual or otherwise. This group could range from a small number of individuals to a large number of people. Its first established appearance was in the 1930s.  The argument on the true nature of a cult has been ongoing for centuries.

Top 20 Cult Groups In Nigerian Universities: Symbols, Coded Names, Slangs & Colours

However with reference to the nature of cultism in Nigeria this group is defined as a violent group of individuals, whose ethics and views are mostly only understood by a very limited number of individuals. They are a dangerous group of people prone to violent practices at the slightest provocation. There are sometimes referred to by the term secret cult as their objectives are main known only to their members alone. Like any organization, they operate in hierarchy as they also have leaders and sub leaders.

First Cult Group In Nigeria And Founder

The first cult group in Nigeria was referred to as the Pyrates. It was formed by Wole Soyinka and six other students in 1952. This group also goes by the name National Association of Sea Dogs. Although this group is reported to have been harmless in its formative years, its creation eventually led to the establishment of many more cult groups over the years. These cult groups have mostly become a menace to society as they endanger the lives of not only its members but innocent individuals also, as they mostly made up of power hungry bullies. These cults are also referred to as a confraternity.

Cult Groups in Nigeria And Their Symbols

Pyrates Confraternity/ National Association of Sea Dogs

As earlier stated, the pyrates confraternity was the pioneer cult group in Nigeria and was set up in 1952 at the University College Ibadan. It was set up by seven students referred to as the magnificent seven. Their symbol constitutes an anchor, a skull and two crossed bones. This cult was never intended to be violent it was meant to be a gathering of people with academically and intellectually sound minds. From this group, other confraternities were born.

The Buccaneers Confraternity/National Association of Sea Lords

This cult was created by Bolaji Carew who after being expelled from the pyrates in 1972 for falling below the standard for membership of the pyrates, started this group alongside a few other expelled members. This cult eventually grew to become an arch enemy of its mother cult. Their symbol is a skull flanked on both sides by two machetes and a single bone.



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