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If you feel any of these, just know you are REALLY NOT in love… You’re just wasting your time

Ever paused for a moment to re-evaluate your relationship? Ever paused to think if you truly are in love, lust or just in the relationship to while away time? Well, this article written by Brittany Christopoulos of Yourtango will definitely straigen things for you, at least, we hope so! 

by Until we are in the situation with someone we’re dating where we have to truly ask ourselves the question, we never really think much about what it means. And when we do, it’s usually hard to tell the difference between loving someone or loving the idea of them.

If you’re confused about how to know if you love someone, here are four signs you’re really in love with the idea of being in a relationship with him instead.

4. You expect them to do all of the work.

Relying on a relationship to fix your emotions basically means that your relationship is doomed from the start. Using someone else as an adjustment during a specific period in your life won’t work. On the flip side, you also shouldn’t rely on your partner for bringing everything into the relationship. While you just sit back and make them work.

Relationships are about balance and if this sounds like you, you might just want someone to fulfill you specifically in any given way rather than being in a deep-rooted commitment to them.

3. The more time you spend together the less you enjoy it.

When you genuinely are romantically interested in someone you will quickly notice how much they enhance your life and how experiences become so much more special even if they are simple. Love helps us learn to be humans and bring out or emotions the most. You can’t substitute that feeling with anyone else.

By seeing this person a lot and either feeling bored or not that excited about life, it’s a good sign that you are just interested in the idea of them. You should be thrilled to go shopping with your interest simply because you just get to spend more time with them.



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  1. luke savoie says

    all this stuff about boyfriends dumping peopleQ its bs and just shows black women are all trashy and engage in. causal sex with lovers

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