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Halima Abubukar’s health deteriorating badly after exposing Apostle Suleman

Gistlovers, a controversial faceless blogger, provides an update on the health of Nollywood actress Halima Abubakar.


Recall that the actress recently opened up about battling a strange ailment after sleeping with the popular clergyman, Johnson Suleman.

Gistlovers who contacted the actress via video chat shared a not-so-cool photo of the actress while stating that her health has been deteriorating ever since she boldly challenged Suleman on social media.

Apostle Suleman

Gistlovers further vowed to go head-to-head with the Omega Fire Ministries’General Overseer if Halima Abubakar’s case goes far worse than this.

The post reads:

“Hello tueh tueh, this Sule oloko Coupon matter is getting out of hand, ever since Halima came out to challenge him na since that day she din dey down, as it is , the thing don get worse, I was not told, I had to call her myself to see situation of things , she can barely talk,it’s her sister handling her page for now , let it be known to the world that if Halima case get words than this I go drop normal blogging I go face Sule squarely , if this is not wickedness tell me what this is , everybody wey come out to testify it’s either Sule sent assasin after them or he attacks them spiritually, the other Nollywood lady way call Sule out , na so so hired assassins threat, she posted all the threats, Have you girls seen what looking for money with your body can cause , this and many more reason is why all these Nollywood girls are scared to expose him, but I tell you this for free, this is your end Sule , and for you Shan George , you praise Sule in public but go in private to tell him if anything happens to you, you will bring down the roof of his church, you can’t stand for the truth and save another woman but you care about yourself , all those doubting Thomas werey wey dey say Sule and Halima no date, here is Halima bank details of how Sule use to send money, now all the money she don use am take cure this sickness yet the sickness no go , the whole world needs to know the truth about Sule , all his werey revival wry he wan do for Kenya and all,

I need to post the details so Kenya people can pursue him, he is a devil hiding under Gods name , please stay active on our telegram and TikTok, I am dropping details of the 14yrs old girl wey pastor Johnson molest on telegram as and TikTok, I will also drop the video of this bank transaction as its not too clear on Instagram , also, more voice notes will drop, to follow us on telegram and TikTok,check our status story, you will see the links there , Aye Johnson ma baje ni, iku Oro ni Johnson maku, those wey dey eat for Johnson restaurant , get ready, I will reveal some things to y’all soon , how Joshson’s wife sister mysteriously died under them , how two workers died and they kept hiding it, the mad woman wey come pulp”

See the post below:


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  1. Kachsmoni says

    Oga it is written touch not my anointed ones.. If I were u I would start asking for mercy from God and on behalf of Halima too as well GASKIA.. Can you fight or battle with God? You want to face papa squarely..

  2. Dinchi says

    Apostle Suleman I still ask you. Na only you walka come ?

  3. Kenny says

    They are just looking for fame

  4. Praises says

    The same way they sent u to spoil d name of papa that same way just go m ask him for mercy in exposed those people before u die u can’t fight a chief priest talk less more of God’s oracle na die be dat oh

  5. Goldland says

    Gist lover is stupid, in fact very very stupid, if her health is deteriorating? Does it mean it was a spiritual attack or she is eating the reward of her evil deeds on the man of God? Ode gistlover, why u know ask yourself this sensible question say why all these actresses come dey go sleep with the apostle, and shamelessly they will come out to d public to accuse someone of their mischief? Gist lover u do get a sense at all. Just look at the actresses you are fighting for, obviously, they are all prostitutes, sleeping dogs sleeping around for money. Wake up gistlover

  6. Slim Bobby says

    Suleiman so na only you be Pastor for Nigeria? You mean na only you wey every woman like to indict?
    Please examine your life

  7. Lilly. says

    Never attack any body carrying anointing. It’s very dangerous because anointing fights back.

  8. Tatam says

    This is just the beginning. You’d better confess that you were used to bring down God’s servant. Many others will be judged

  9. Xpacco says

    Gistlover or whatever you call yourself, I pity you. Na miserable death dey hungry you.

  10. Yimi says

    Na stubbornness na e kill goat pikin o, make u na leave this man alone, u na nor hear u na won die finish before u na go leave am,e fit be say na God de fight u na o and if na God, make u na quick quick repent before u na go die finish for this u na nollywood, if una story na true eehen nor bi Una de carry Una leg go meet am, I beg make Una use Una brain o

  11. Stephanie says

    Bring her to Ghana; Breaking Yoke Ministry International before we lose her. Call +233243218023 . Trust me she’ll be fine. Let’s value life ok. Be fast about it.

  12. Boyprecious zinoleesky says

    Gistlover you are playing with fire.
    How can you arass a man of GOD like that.

  13. Giddy says

    Sometimes, people talk anyhow… Have you thought if this is judgement. I pity all of you

  14. Holy fire says

    Some people are playing with fire 🔥
    Watch your tongue

  15. ojiyi bobby prince says

    In every rumor there’s an atom of Truth, why always him?, those of you defending him, why has he not come out to say something, I guess there’s something he’s not saying to you his followers. Is he the only man of God in this country?, there is so many fake churches I know of, that I’m not dragging them on social media does not mean that their evil will not catch up with them someday, so many testimonies against him, even from dome of his female pastors. I guess his wife knows the real truth but can’t speak out coz its her husband and this is business. Well God is not mocked, whatsoever a man sows, that he shall also reap. Nothing is hidden under the sun forever. The truth must surely come out.
    Is Joshua Selman not a pastor too?, Is ibiyome not a pastor?, is oyedepo not a pastor too?, Is oyakhilome not a pastor too?, why always him??? Why! Why! Why!!! when you see false and fake stories you will know, I don’t think this is just rumor, fake or someone seeking for audience, popularity or fame. There’s an ATOM of truth behind this.
    And to all his followers, get to know God more than you know your pastor, that’s the most important thing in your spiritual life, I’ll leave you with that piece of advice.
    Thank you.

  16. Eeeefy says

    I don’t know why some gullible people still believe this so Call pastor

  17. Edah says

    This picture is editing a picture from a video call they edit.. rubbish.she is not sick

  18. Sango joseph says

    I really pity all of u. You’re playing with fire if u like continue giving false rumourse against an anointed man of God like Apostle Suleman and you’ll see the consequences. Halima this is just the beginning u better confess or die a disgraceful death

  19. Rickk says

    Truth be told, am not on anyone’s side.but can we ask ourselves this questions?. Who looked for each other that brought about this issue in the first place. And if this allegations are true, why would she expose him since the two party are involved?. Before u pass judgement, ask questions because you may get yourself into what was not meant for u. #justsayings.

  20. Kuton Victor says

    Ok….let’s see who will suffer…u think u can just lie against a man of God and go scot-free? U are playing with ur life…with fire…

  21. Okafor Jennifer Adaobi says

    Shebi she carried herself to him and offered her body for money (according to her story). So she wasn’t kidnapped or rape. Instead she collected the money and enjoyed the sex and luxury trips, so why the casting nah. Bcuz me I don’t understand ooo. If her story is true, they both sinned and the reason why she’ll keep deteriorating is because she’s not only making the pastor look foolish, but God as well. Let her pray for forgiveness from God. Then die this matter and hope for complete healing. Only God will judge the pastors, its said in the Bible.

  22. bWise says

    Judge not, that ye be not judged.
    For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.

  23. Olaoliwa says

    The same way Ada Jesus died after fighting Odumeje is the Way gist lover will die for fighting against apostle Suleman

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