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10 things you need to stop doing to have a good relationship life

Things you need to stop doing – This is for the guys! Despite what we all think, men and women aren’t really that different. Neither is from Mars or Venus; they both live on Earth, where people of all genders and orientations are forced to communicate with each other and get along — in order to procreate or just get it on.


10 things you need to stop doing to have a good relationship life

However, to facilitate this nookie, a lot of us do some fucked up things — girls included — because matters of the heart turn us into silly little fools. To paraphrase Lorelai Gilmore, when it comes to love, everyone speaks fluent moron.

We can all get along better when we start being less douchey to each other, and let’s be honest: Guys have a bad habit of that in their dating lives. However, as someone who is five months without a cigarette, I know habits can be broken. It just all starts with accountability and calling yourself out. For the benefit of the future and present human race, these are 10 things guys need to stop doing if they want to be the “nice” guys they claim to be on their dating profile.

10. Disappearing and then reappearing like it was nothing.

My friend was seeing this guy a couple months ago who just stopped texting her — but finally got around to contacting her again yesterday. He wanted to have sex, of course, as if not talking to someone entitled him to downgrading that person to a fuckbuddy. He also didn’t see anything wrong with this situation. That’s not how it works. It’s unrealistic (and juvenile) to expect that someone will always text you back right away, but you shouldn’t get a parade for deigning to show up. Be accountable to your own bullshit and be aware of the influence you have on others. Being a good person isn’t hard, but it starts by thinking about someone other than yourself. This is what adulthood means.

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