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8 signs you should never ignore when dating [A Must Read]

4. They Are Clingy
A relationship works best when two people have their own hobbies and interest apart from the ones that they share as a couple.  If your partner clings to you all the time it may be time to question why they have such a strong attachment.  Do they really enjoy spending time with you or do they treat you like you are on probation having to check in all the time.  No relationship should alter your lifestyle or take away what is important to you.

They Have Explosive Anger

5. They Have Explosive Anger
Watch out for someone who gets angry over nothing.  It can be very telling what kind of person they are if you see them deal with a stressful situation.  Do they swear, throw things, hit or yell in relatively minor situation such as dealing with lost luggage or missing a flight.  If so you should be asking yourself if you want to be spending any more time with a person with those types of coping skills.



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