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8 signs you should never ignore when dating [A Must Read]

They Constantly Tease

6. They Constantly Tease
Teasing can be very dangerous.  At times it can be innocent and fun but if taken too far teasing is like bullying.  It can be demeaning towards the other person and devalue them.  If you get angry in response you will likely be targeted as not having a sense of humor.  Pay attention to these behavioral signs as it may be a warning sign as to the type of person they are.

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7. They Are Secretive
If your significant other is suddenly a lot more secretive it should be a warning sign that something is up.   Taking phone calls in another room, changing the computer screen when you walk in are all clues that your partner is hiding something.

Abuse in Any Way

8. Abuse in Any Way
Of course this seems like an obvious one but a lot of times people believe that someone will change or it will be the last time.  It won’t be and it isn’t worth trying.  If you are in a relationship with physical or emotional violence end it now.  They will never change and there is no point in trying to make them.


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