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8 signs you should never ignore when dating [A Must Read]

Signs you should never ignore when dating: There are some things that should be considered bright-red flags when dating.  If you look closely, your relationship may be giving you subtle signs that maybe your picture perfect pairing is not so perfect after all.  These red flags that your relationship is not the best match-up are not always as obvious to you as they are to others. Your feelings are intertwined with the butterflies you feel and the thought of being alone may not sound all that appealing either.


Stop selling yourself short and if you’re seeing any relationship red flags – you need to re-evaluate whether your relationship is really working or not. Here are 8 signs you should stop ignoring now!

1. They Don’t Make You Feel Special
If you are going to be in a relationship with someone they should make you feel special.  If you aren’t being made to feel that way then it is time to re-evaluate the situation.  Why waste time on a relationship that doesn’t make you feel great.

2. They Can’t Stop Talking About Someone Else
If your significant other can’t stop talking about a co-worker, a “friend”, or goes on and on about someone else they may be guilty of an emotional affair.  And what may start off as an emotional affair may not be too far from a physical affair.

3. They Are Dishonest
Watch for even small warning signs of dishonesty.  Do they cheat on tests or lie to get out of situations.  Often times these small acts of dishonesty will spill over into your relationship too.  You may find all of sudden they start to lie about where they have been or who they have been with.  Trust is a big issue in a relationship and once it is gone it is tough to get back.



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