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20 ways to keep your relationship exciting.

Ways to keep your relationship exciting: Many couples complain of boredom, lack of sex and less communication after being together for years on end. Here are 20 genius ways to fight that. Contrary to what many people think, keeping the spark alive in a long term relationship is not that easy to do.


Work, kids, mortgages and life in general tend to put a damper on the passion, lust and interesting conversation that you had with your partner during the early stages of your relationship.

What used to be glitzy nights out on the town have now been replaced with stressful or boring nights in. One spouse frantically sending out work emails, whilst the other nurses a sick baby does not make for sexy couple time.

There is no denying that the deeper and more intimately you know someone, the more likely the magic tends to diminish and you start settling into what sexy singles like to refer to as the dreaded ‘comfort zone.’ Don’t get me wrong. Being utterly comfortable with someone until they seem like they are a part of you is a wonderful thing. In fact, that sort of intimacy should be applauded and respected. 

In the end, do not let boring conversation and a lack of animal sex get in the way of the beautiful life that you have built with your partner. There is absolutely no reason why you should not act like teenagers with the man or woman whom you pledged yourself to years ago.

How can you keep things interesting after years of being together?

Here are 20 glorious ways to keep your long term relationship exciting, or as many like to say, ‘sex-citing’.

#1 Do something new together. By embarking on something that neither of you has ever done before, it keeps things interesting and fresh. Whether it’s taking a holiday somewhere new or trying a new restaurant in town, do something new and interesting with your partner.



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