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9 Worst type of women that can ruin your life – Guys, don’t fail to see this now!

Worst type of women that can ruin your life – We know we’re not perfect. Far from it. In fact, we men can be immature, untrustworthy, lazy, insensitive, and terrible at communication, just to name a few potential defects.



(Apparently some of us have low self-esteem, too.) But ladies can be just as flawed – sometimes in unique ways, other times, in the same ways as guys. And while it’s never fair to make generalizations about any group (much less an entire gender), there are some common qualities that should be met with only one reaction: running quickly in the opposite direction.

Of course, people change over time. And occasionally, you just need to give a person that time to mature into their best, most dateable self. But if a guy tries to settle down with any of the following archetypes, he’s in for a world of pain:

1. The Pathological Liar

It starts with a few white lies; soon enough he’s questioning everything from her occupation to her middle name. Trust is at the foundation of any relationship — if you can’t trust your partner, then the relationship is already doomed.

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