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10 shocking facts about Ellen Degeneres you didn’t know

10 shocking facts you didn’t know about Ellen Degeneres 700x403

Facts about Ellen Degeneres: Ellen DeGeneres has found a way into our hearts and onto our television screens. She has aged incredibly well, and her career has skyrocketed, to say the least. Millions of viewers around the country tune in to her daytime talk show, which has won awards and honors.


Children may even know Ellen, from her voice talent in Finding Nemo (she voiced the forgetful yet lovable Dory.) Ellen also judged American Idol for one season, proving her versatility.

While her comedic wit and enthusiastic dance moves tend to take the spotlight, there are many facets to Ellen’s life and journey. From a meek little girl living in Louisiana, to an independent woman, to coming out to the masses about her sexual orientation – Ellen is a figure that amazes and inspires. Yet, there are some little-known facts about this funny lady that may surprise you.

From abuse to a string of relationships and legal issues with major record labels, Ellen’s life has been far from ordinary. Take a look at our list of 10 shocking facts about Ellen DeGeneres. Focusing on her early years and deeper journey may provide some insight into her light and fluffy comedy acts. Yet, some of the items on this list are just plain fun, like her.

10. She Was Molested By Her Stepfather

Degeneres’ mother had many boyfriends while Ellen was growing up, and the teenager often had to stand her ground against the men. Her mother’s third husband actually ended up molesting a then 16-year-old Ellen. At the time, her mother was undergoing a mastectomy, and Ellen’s stepfather said he wanted to feel Ellen’s breast to make sure he knew what a healthy chest felt like. On another occasion, the man tried to break into Ellen’s bedroom. To escape, she climbed out the window and spent the night in a hospital to keep away from him. Ellen came out about this abuse about 10 years ago.



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