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You just have to see what a Kenyan lady wrote about Nigerian men.. Everyone’s talking about this!

What a Kenyan lady wrote about Nigerian men: Every one is talking about this , I mean a whole lot! In an article titled ‘Things that tell your Nigerian man is a big con’ a Kenya writer who goes by the name City Girl, dragged Nigerian men by their balls. Choi. Below is what she wrote, first published on Nairobinews


What is it with Kenyan women and Nigerian men? What is it with those short, stocky bearded West African mohines that make Kenyan women move planets for them?

We have heard enough stories about how Kenyan women borrowed loans for their Nigerian boyfriends to pay for ‘containers with goods worth millions’ stuck at the port only for the Nigerian man to disappear.

I know Kenyan women whose careers and lives have come to a standstill after a Nigerian man swept them clean, and I mean clean; car, house, land, money… everything.

So today, ladies, I chose to address this topic, once and for all. After this, I don’t expect any of you to be conned by a so-called ‘romantic’ Nigerian man. I will only say this once.

Stay away from Nigerian men! All Nigerian men are conmen. Repeat after me; “All Nigerian men are conmen”. There are no exceptions here. When you see a Nigerian man, run the other way. Don’t stop to invoke the name of Jesus or pray. Just take cover.

While you are at it, here are a few pointers you need to look out for in a Nigerian man. If he exhibits any of these traits, then you are dealing with a riffraff.

1. He is too romantic: You have never met a man like him. He treats you like a glass statue and worships the ground you walk on. He is not like the unromantic Kenyan men who don’t text you back or return your calls. He calls you ‘baby’ all the time except when he calls you ‘my queen’.
You have never been immersed in so much love and affection. You are literally intoxicated in his love. He will even paint your toenails and shampoo your hair. Red flag.
He is fattening you up for slaughter. He is warming your heart. Softening you up by leading you to believe that you have found the one. It is not humanly possible for a man to be 100 per cent romantic, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That romantic Nigerian man is up to something.



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  1. Captain Latmus says

    Thou Shall Not Judge..The world is full of critics already why not try encouraging someone today, Try being the reason someone laughs or smiles or says thank you. The bible says in Mathew 25 v 40, 'Truly i tell you whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers & sisters of mine, you did for me'. I don't know what you are feeling today or how bad things are for you be it words you have heard that have hurt you or actions from people, just know that every man/woman will reap what they sow. The REAL JUDGE knows all and sees everyones heart, let Him take control

  2. Mike says

    Ur too dull. To think every Nigerian man is that way. It's a pity u think this way. So sad. Maybe because you met one that treated you this way you feel all Nigerian men are this way. You must be a joker.

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