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10 hidden meanings behind common sex dreams

10 Hidden Meanings Behind Common Sex Dreams 700x322

Meanings behind common sex dreams: Did you know the most common sex dreams actually aren’t about sex at all? When you dream about a sexual encounter, your brain is trying to point you toward some other complicated feelings you’re having. Usually, those feelings aren’t physical in nature. If you’re having sex dreams, particularly one that’s repeating, you really need to figure out what those feelings are.


It’s hard to know what sex dreams really mean, because people aren’t comfortable admitting to these types of dreams when they occur. If you dream about being with an inappropriate partner, you’re not going to get on Twitter and tell the world. You can’t tell your friend that you dreamed about being with their spouse, or admit to your boss that you were dreaming of the two of you. The truth is, most sex dream partners are inappropriate. And don’t worry, the dream isn’t trying to tell you that you’re supposed to hook up with this person. In some sex dreams, the opposite is actually true.

So don’t freak out after a sex dream. Take a deep breath, and start looking for the real meaning behind it. Most of the common sex dreams are filled with hidden meanings, and you should know what they are.

10. Being Unfaithful 

Lots of people dream about being unfaithful to their partner. It doesn’t actually mean that you’re thinking about having an affair, and it doesn’t mean you aren’t being satisfied sexually. When you’re cheating in a dream, it often represents some other deception or dishonesty that you haven’t revealed to your mate. It can also mean you’re feeling a need to do more sexual exploring. The other person in the dream represents different sexual acts you’d like to try, but not necessarily with a new partner.

When your partner is cheating on you in a dream, you’re probably feeling insecure. You may not be getting enough time and attention from your lover. This dream can indicate that you’re feeling a fear of abandonment. It’s not a cosmic message, and it doesn’t mean that your partner has actually been unfaithful to you.



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