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5 major reasons why women keep going back to their ex-boyfriends!

5 major reasons why women keep going back to their ex-boyfriends on love 700x525

Why women keep going back to their ex-boyfriends – You’ve broken up with him for whatever reason and now you find yourself texting him to say, ‘hi.’ Why? Why can’t you leave him alone and accept the relationship is finished?


This will give you some insight into why you are not letting go of him:

1. Insecurity – No one wants to feel alone, and when you have broken up with someone at 2 in the morning when you can’t sleep, you tend to forget why things were so bad for you both.

In your darkest hours, you will remember the fun times and good times. You will believe that if you two got back together, you could make it work.

You analyze what went wrong, and tell yourself that if he was by your side again, you would do things differently.

But they won’t be different. You have broken up for a reason. When you are feeling insecure, call your BFF, go and see a professional, or find a new social group to belong to.

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When I first separated from my husband, I got out my address book (this was before the iPhone age), and booked up every free night I could. I joined the gym and lost 10 pounds. I treated myself when I wanted to and told myself how wonderful having freedom was. It worked. Years on and I wonder why we even got married in the first place!



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