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Guys, Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about the G-Sp*t – See this now!


About the G-spot – Elusive? Yes. Existent? Definitely. Two of the top questions I get asked as a sex educator are: “Does the G-spot really exit?” “How do I find my G-spot?” YES, it does exist. You just have to know how to find it!  Keep in mind that everyone is different, and not one body is built the same way because each of us have sensitive nerve endings in different places.


The G-spot, or Gräfenberg Spot (named after the German gynecologist who first “discovered” it), is a bean shaped area (a system of glands & ducts) inside the vagina toward the vaginal wall (picture the location of your belly button). However, when aroused it can become the size of a walnut.


What IS The G-spot, Actually?

It’s an area of spongy erectile tissue that surrounds the urethra.

What Does It Feel Like?

When the G-spot is aroused, it feels bumpy and is rougher than the rest of the vaginal wall. Why? The G-spot is composed of erectile tissue, which means it swells up when blood rushes to it.

Let’s try an experiment: Take your tongue and touch the roof of your mouth. How does that feel? Does it feel bumpy? Your G-spot will also feel bumpy — like the roof of your mouth— when it is aroused.

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