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10 reasons why you are still single – This will change you!

10 reasons why you are still single-love-relationship-boy-girl-man-woman-Paulinus-Okodugha-theinfong.comReasons why you are still single: Love. It is something so many people search for, yet so many have a hard time finding it. Throughout the average person’s life, they will go on numerous dates with different people in hopes of finding that one person that they can spend forever with. At a certain age, your Facebook feed begins to get flooded with pictures of couples; couples getting engaged, couples getting married and of course couples having kids.


This made me think about all the great men and women I know that are still single. No, there is nothing wrong with us single folk, however there are reasons as to why we are not finding that person to share our lives with. Everyone is different and there are countless reasons as to why each individual person is single. However, I thought it would be fun to pinpoint the ten most common reasons why people are still single.

The following is a list of ten reasons why you are still single. At the end of the day, there really is nothing wrong with being single. However, there is no denying that being loved and loving in return is one of the most incredible and rewarding feelings in life. For those of you looking for love, read this article carefully. You may learn something about yourself!

10. You’re Too Negative

A lot of people tend to be negative in regards to relationships because they have been hurt in the past. However, being negative when you go to meet someone is only hurting yourself. You should not go into each relationship thinking that it is going to crash and burn, and if you do that, chances are it will crash and burn. When you meet someone new, be optimistic. Don’t assume they are bad just because you have had bad experiences. If you want positive people to enter your life, you need to have a positive attitude.



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