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11 ways to get maximum pleasure when making love..

11 ways to get maximum pleasure when making love.. love and sex

Get maximum pleasure when making love – When it comes to sex, the love you take is equal to the love you make. When someone says, “I don’t give a fuck,” I assume that person is either abstinent or a horribly, terribly selfish lover. Be neither. Be the kind of person who both gives and takes a fuck.


This isn’t about making love; this is about fucking like you give a fuck.

Before I get too far into this, I’m not some goat-legged god of sex. I’m built like a 1950s pro wrestler and my grower would only be impressive on Kevin Hart (and I’m sorry for the distress seeing that combo would cause any person, much less someone who thought she was heading to the bone zone). However, when I fuck someone, she stays fucked.

Quick advice: even if it’s just once a week, getting in some good, sweaty exercise will take your bedroom game to the next level. More from a good hormones situation than a sculpted abs one. Also, change your sheets every seven to ten days.

1. Get SWEATY.

And I mean that in the best, most sex-positive way. You should get sweat and other bodily stuff on you even in the vanilla-est of situations. So be prepared. Men, your mouth will be needed and your beard will need a shampooing; most women can’t (or won’t, Barbara) orgasm from intercourse alone and fucking like you give a fuck means both parties leave satisfied. Women, be prepared to engage your kissers, too.

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