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10 weird facts about left-handed people you never knew – This will shock you real bad!

8. They Kicked Butt in the Bible

There were some awesome left-handed people in the Bible. Scriptures tell us about heroic deeds in which being left-handed was a cool advantage and attribute. Many lefties in biblical times came from the tribe of Benjamin, leading researchers to wonder if most lefties are descendants of the Benjaminites. Perhaps the most popular story of a heroic lefty is Ehud, an assassin who was sent by God to fight the King of Moab. Ehud used his left-handed prowess in a sneak attack and was able to take the king down. We are not sure whether the tribe of Benjamin trained people to be left-handed, or whether it was simply an innate trait. Also See: 6 things you must stop doing if you really want to enjoy sex



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