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15 Shocking facts about “V*gina” that will keep you up all night – EVERY lady should see this!


Facts about “V*gina” – Um … what?? I’ll be the first to say that health class doesn’t teach you squat about your own body.  Clinical terms and outdated diagrams put even more space between actual facts and what we really see when we look in a mirror — especially when it comes to our vaginas. Many of us grow up getting our information from our equally uninformed friends and fail to ever take the time to really get to know ourselves.  Let’s start with these 15 super weird facts about our lady parts: 



1. The word vagina comes from the Latin root meaning “sheath for a sword.”

Not surprisingly, the word “gladius,” meaning “sword,” was a common term for the penis.

2. The clitoris has double the nerve endings as a penis.

Girl power!

3. In 2014, a doctor removed a potato that started sprouting vines inside patient’s vagina.

The patient’s mother had told her it would prevent pregnancy.



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