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3 secrets to get your visa application approved – This’ll help you travel anywhere in the world

Ways to get your Visa application approved in Nigeria

Ways to get your Visa application approved in Nigeria – Nigerians generally love the idea of travelling outside their country, whether for work, school or vacation, however, most times, they are unable to make their desired trip as due to immigration issues: they need to apply for a visa to visit most foreign countries, especially those outside Africa.


While every visa application is judged fairly, rigorously, and on its merits, often times, Nigerians have their visa application rejected or denied for reasons ranging from mistakes made by an unscrupulous agent, insufficient funds and false information., Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal, understands that getting a visa rejected can be quite a painful experience as the process is tedious, and so, if you are in Nigeria, read on to discover top three secrets on how to get your visa application approved by foreign embassies.

1. Do not make mistakes in the visa application

The visa application, whether paper or electronic, is a formal document and it is important that you do not make any mistakes while inputting required information. Make sure you write your answers clearly or type them in with clear font. Scan and correct typos, run­on sentences and jargons, including slangs. Ensure you avoid big grammar as well or ambiguous phrases. Keep your responses short, simple and straight to the point; you stand a higher chance of getting your visa that way.

When you eventually go for interview as well, make sure you are prepared, so that your answers correspond with what you already inputted in the forms submitted. Also, answer with confidence as a weak and feeble answer can be your undoing.

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