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11 Reasons why people cheat on their partners – #6 is so true!

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Why people cheat – Have you always wondered why some people cheat on their partners? Wonder no more, here are some of the reasons. No matter how many stories you hear about couples breaking up over infidelity or families being disrupted because of an indiscretion, people still cheat, and in alarming numbers. Time and time again, folks get caught and someone gets hurt. Yet, it happens again and again, as people seem to think, “I’m not going to get caught.”


Maybe if we understood why people cheat, we can work harder at preventing it or at least understanding it when it happens. While some folks will forgive, for a lot of couples, it’s a deal breaker. Here are some reasons that people cheat.

1: Repeat offenders often don’t see it as bad. They have convinced themselves that they are not bad people. It’s called cognitive dissonance, which is basically the ability to separate the act of in



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