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The 12 most pathetic celebrity tweets [+Screenshots]


Most Pathetic Celebrity Tweets -Twitter is one of the most popular forms of social media nowadays. This is not only true for the common public, but, also for celebrities. Like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is also a form of social media that celebrities love to use.


Twitter, for those who don’t know, is basically used to post messages of up to 140 characters for others to read. Those who have a Twitter account are able to post and read messages, whereas those who do not have Twitter are only able to read the messages.

So anyone has access, it’s just the interaction that changes. These messages are referred to as “tweets” (no, the name did not come from tweety bird). These tweets can be anything from song lyrics, to quotes, to just expressing how you feel. Similar to your Facebook ‘status’. Since there is no restriction to what you can tweet, sometimes people can get out of hand; and celebrities, as we all know, do this well.

We all know that celebrities, because they’re in the spotlight, can easily be caught in a compromising situation. But, our favorites are when they make fools of themselves for us all to see.

Now with social media accounts as well, we can see the extreme they go to for some more attention. We can see just how sad and embarrassing their attempts can be. So grab yourself a drink, relax, and get ready to read the 15 most pathetic celebrity tweets. Try not to spit your drink out, though.

13. Kim Has A Big Butt And She Cannot Lie

Kim, we all know about that big booty of yours, you don’t need Twitter to remind us. Is anyone else tired of seeing her butt everywhere? There’s already so much buzz about Kim Kardashian, and how she is famous for basically nothing.

Well, the one good thing about this tweet is that she at least can admit it (somewhat) and laugh about it with this tweet about balancing a champagne glass on her bum being her talent.

That’s right, what else would Kim K. be good at? Please, no one else try this at home, though, its Kim’s talent and she wants to show it off; don’t you steal the spotlight from her.



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