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15 things you should never say to a woman – #3 and #1 can make her run away from you

8. “You always do that”

This phrase isn’t nearly as bad as some others, but when in a fight, it’s best to avoid it. If your girlfriend does something cute that you like, that’s the only time it’s okay to say “you always do that.” If there’s something that she does in a fight or something that you don’t like in general, it’s best to try and find something else to say other than “you always do that.” Saying this is definitely going to open the door to a fight or she’s going to challenge you with the bad habits that you always indulge in.


7. “Maybe you’re pregnant”

A majority of the time, when men say “maybe you’re pregnant” to a woman, it’s intended as a joke. She, however, is not going to take it like a joke. There’s a ton of things wrong with saying this to a woman. If she’s not feeling well, you don’t reply with suggesting that she’s pregnant. Women are allowed to feel sick without pregnancy being the only explanation. A lot of people think that saying this is okay, so not only is it going to annoy her, but she’s probably going to follow-up with asking if she looks pregnant – which leads to the “oh, so you think I’m fat?” argument, which is never fun.



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