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Nigerian man narrates how Firecracker sound killed his mom

A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to narrate how his mom died 19 years ago after someone threw a Firecracker into their compound.

In his narration, he revealed how the woman immediately had a panic attack and had to be rushed to the hospital, she died the same day.

Read his full tweet:

On this day nineteen years ago, some random guy threw Christmas crackers into our compound interest Warri.My mother, rather hypertensive, went into shock & ran short of breath.She was taken to the hospital. By 4.25am she was pronounced dead.Merry Christmas, mom.

The jollof rice she made before she passed on was never eaten.I practically don’t eat jollof on December 25. I don’t care much for decors either.This is not about grieving anyways, this is just deep reflection.I guess everything changed that day, even if I don’t admit it.

Well I’m done running from the need to fully process the grief, I’m done looking for her in older women, & I’m glad I didn’t use her passing as an excuse to be an asshole.I didn’t turn out badly, but who knows what would have been?Hopefully she has new friends over there.

Sometimes I imagine it’s still Dec 24, 2000 and my entire life so far is a vision of the future and she’s threatening not to give me Christmas salad if I don’t know the dishes, but I guess that’s how bargaining as a stage of grief looks like.Should have washed those plates.

This thread is not to draw any kind of pity. I fucking winged the life without her, I’m good.It’s just reflection.When y’all talk about your moms praying for you, when IG comedians do skits, I can’t relate, sadly.But 28 is too old to whine. She wasn’t here, deal with it.

Treasure what you got.Pick your mother’s calls, understand that sometimes her overbearing nature is out of love.I envy those with mothers who hound them with BCs & complain about their social media photos.My dad’s wife is aiit, but what ain’t yours ain’t yours.We move

I’m grateful for all the support and wishesIf she’s up there, she’ll probably smile from the outpouring of love you all are showing today.I hope your Christmas plays out nicely, & I hope you draw positives from my story. Cherish family, always.I have nothing to promote





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