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Sports Betting in Nigeria

Since the beginning of the internet, it has led to many advances in technology and then recently a rise in sports betting. It is estimated that roughly $2 billion a year is wagered in Nigeria on top of 60 million bets placed each day. You might see numbers like these in the US if you are betting on March madness.

It is no surprise that Nigeria has these numbers and continues to grow, especially since it has the fastest growing population when you factor in the world’s populous countries. For example, they are expected to pass the United States around 2050 in population which would help drive these numbers further. Below you can see how profitable Nigeria is coming to be in the sports betting world.

Can You Bet on Sports in Nigeria?

Betting on sports online in Nigeria has been legal since 2005. This was due to the passing of the National Lottery Act.

However, there are not any brick and mortar sportsbooks, just three casinos, because it is still illegal. Bets are still made on the black market which of course are not regulated.

Another issue that makes it difficult to bet on sports in Nigeria is the fact that almost every form of betting or simple gambling is illegal. Unless it is a skill based card game, the Nigerian Lottery, or the three licensed casinos, you cannot do a lot of things related to gambling in person.

This creates a lot of room for bad business and shady behavior in the sports betting market. This means you will often find fake sportsbook businesses, underground casinos, or even shady lottery options that are not legal.

If you are in Nigeria and want to try a few options out, it would be best to locate the ones that are regulated. These would be the three land based casino operations that allow you to place wagers and engage in skill based casino games.

The Market for Sports Betting in Nigeria

With an estimated seventh highest population in the world, Nigeria has an active range of sports bettors in the country. Thanks to the National Lottery Act, placing bets online is considered legal.

There has been a huge expansion of online development and availability in the country that has allowed more bets to be placed. With five major cities (Lagos, Kano, Ibadan, Benin City, and Port Harcourt) of over one million each in population, the betting market continues to rise with the popularity of sports betting in these cities.

Citizens of Nigeria love their football and it is the heaviest betting opportunity. The Nigerian Professional Football League is highly successful and carries a ton of views every time it is on.

If legislators decide to change their views on gambling, it could create a lot of opportunities for the country. By legalizing the option outside of the casinos, it would bring in more money and make betting opportunities more positive.

Best Nigerian Sports Betting Sites

Taking a gamble at a retail sportsbook in Nigeria is not recommended. The industry is not regulated and without a government body to oversee activity you are setting yourself up to get robbed.

Since betting online is legal, you should stick to that. Think of Nigerian online sports betting sites and try to find the best one for you.

BetUS is a great option to consider sports betting. They have a great reputation and have been around for years to fix any bugs or issues with best along the way.

There are a few more to consider just to give you an idea of what to look for. These include Bet9ja and Bet365Naija.

Depending on the sportsbook that you choose, you could be able to find a promotional code that can give you bonuses. These will vary and you would need to check at the time of signing up.

Before deciding on a sportsbook, check out the reviews for the ones mentioned above. There are many different opinions and features that other users find appealing to them.

These include payout options, withdrawal time frames, and even the ease of placing bets. Getting a jump on this information before a big betting event could save you some time and headache.


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