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Man suspects his wife isn’t a virgin after what happened on their wedding night

A newly-married man has expressed suspicions over his wife’s claim of being a virgin.

The distraught man revealed that he and his wife consummated their marriage that day, and he did not notice the typical biological response that takes place when a girl loses her virginity.

The man claims that since they got married six weeks ago, it has been bothering him, and he has looked into whether it is a common occurrence.

They dated for six months after meeting at church, and because they are devout believers, they promised to abstain from sexual activity until getting married, according to the man who told Joro Olumofin his story.

He claimed to have asked doctors and other women about their experiences losing their virginity, and while their accounts were similar, they were different from what transpired with his wife.

In his words; “Joro, good day. I don’t know if this is a big deal. I love my wife but for the past weeks have been looking for 1 drop of blo..Od but no bl..00d. I even bought white bed sheet so I can monitor bl..00d but we have had S..£x 6 times and no single bl00..d.

I dated my wife for 6 months before we wedded. We met in church, it’s against our religion to have sxx before marriage and I honor it. My wife is beautiful, caring, she has nice job. Everything I want. We both support the same football club. She is my best friend. I believe she l!ed to me about her being a virgin. Honestly it’s not a big deal like that. But is it possible for a virgin not to bl..££d?

I have asked my doctor friends, I have asked so many women. They all bl..Єd after s£..x. Why is my own wife not bl££ding. ?? What else is she ly!ng about?”


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