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Man calls out teacher who always flogs, vows never to forgive him

A Facebook user, Kevin Tita, has taken to his timeline to narrate what he passed through in the hand of a school teacher, states that the I’ll treatment melted upon him by the teacher affected his self esteem and vows never to forgive the teacher. He wrote.

“This is the man that drove me to deep depression that I have found it very hard to overcome till date since high school. This man had a special hatred and disgust for me right till even after I left the school and came back to visit when he slapped me coz I won’t bow down to greet him and our girls matron whom I believe he was fucking at the time.

You don’t know the effect of your actions on a child’s mind, you think you are being a bad ass teacher mean while you are affecting kids in a way that can destroy their self confidence growing up. I haven’t forgiven, I will never forget. Worst thing is that this animal had favorites in the class whom he doesn’t touch and he protects but those of us he felt weren’t good enough to be on his list, or those of us whose parents won’t give him money or goodies when they come visiting, we got it the worse from this devil right here.

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You won’t die well Mr. Ben, there’s no amount of apology that can fix this. I have mental scars I have to live with, I didn’t end up a useless child like you always told the class I will when ever u want to flog me. I remember and appreciate every teacher that cared enough to understand when a student is acting out, it’s coz there’s something wrong in their life and family, but fools like this saw weak students as punching bags and logs of wood he can use to practice what ever fighting style he was dishing out back then. I didn’t learn a single thing this animal taught in class coz he would always show up to class with a bunch of sticks he would use to flog students till none was left, how can a child learn under these circumstances?

Other kids that were victim to this imp might have forgiven but every time I come across his profile. I am reminded of one of the people that tried to make me feel like I won’t be anything when I grew up. And to any of our class mates that have a different experience with this mumu and want to come and advice me, I will block u right away, it’s been 11yrs since high school, I don’t miss any of you and I definitely won’t be coming to no fucking high school reunions anyways as long as First Baptist High School is concerned. I don’t have time for nonsense”


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