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People think I do runs, they don’t know I use men for rituals – Lagos big girl confesses

Lindsey, a 24-year-old Lagos big girl, has revealed how she was able to buy cars and start businesses.

She claimed that a friend introduced her to an occult group, and that she was instructed to always bring the seed of men she sleeps with.

The young woman stated that she has been doing it for a while and has purchased two cars, established four businesses, and owns an apartment in Lagos.

She explained that people mistake her for a runs girl, not realizing that what she does for a living is quite different.

Lindsey claims she has used a total of 73 men to replenish her wealth, and sometimes their girlfriends suffer as a result.

She said; “I’m a 24-year-old girl. I was tired of being broke so a friend introduced me to a place in Ogun state during my service year where I can traditionally make money. We did it and It’s been working for us. I was initiated into the occult and my assignment is to bring men’s spxxm. I have 4 businesses, 2 cars, and a comfortable rented apartment in Lagos.

Currently, I’m renovating my family house. People think I do hook up and sleep with politicians but no, I go for guys from 22-36 years old. Men are very cheap and getting my sacrificial lambs ain’t even stressful. These men have their wealth and destinies exchanged whenever we have sex.

They’d never make money again no matter how they try. I’ve used over 73 guys if I’m not mistaken. Some of these men’s girlfriends suffer scratches and spiritual attacks in form of “spirit husbands”. Men are not the only ones doing rituals though, girls do too. I’d stop and give my life to Christ once I clock 30. I’m happy I haven’t murdered anybody.”


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