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10 Stupid questions men need to stop asking women during sex

Questions men need to stop asking women during sex: If your last bad date or fight with your guy was any indication, men and women don’t always understand each other all that well. You might think you’re pretty open and accessible, but you’d be shocked at what men usually askwhen sleeping with a lady that you rarely take note. Men sometimes ask too many questions that you get confused about what exactly he wants with you.


Here are the most common questions men ask when sleeping with their partners.

1. Do you like it?

I find this question very funny. If she does not like you, she will never be sleeping with you.

2. Did I hurt you?

Women hide their feelings in their actions. They give codes, its your job to decode.

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  1. Zii says

    ???? .. Very correct and lovely post

  2. Wht is correct abt d post? The post was obviously made outta lack of intelligent story to feed readers!! Half d post’s question’s are colloquially asked nd has deeper meaning dan d writer assumes!!! Smh!! Whose yur daddy isn’t ‘who is yur daddy at home?’ yu dumb fuck!! Even a 2yr old knws wht is meant whn sm1 asks dat!!

  3. mhizlody says

    The post is correct how will u guys be asking if we are coming no we dey go, sex is supposed to be fun but u guys just have to kill our mood by turning sex into questions and answering session is it not enough that we moan no we still still have to be answering questions too Pls how can our mouth be moaning and answering questions at the same time when we are not multi purpose soap

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