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6 types of ladies Nigerian guys can never stop loving – He’ll lick the ground you walk on if you are #5

I always hear ladies complain about how bad their partners treat them and ask what they can do to salvage the situation. A couple of times, they vent about “what he does” and forget that they just might be the cause of whatever they are going through in their relationship. Except a guy is just playing around, if you ever notice he was committed to you before, then all of a sudden, he stopped, then you should work on yourself.

This article by Nnamdi Anyadu will help you identify the type of ladies Nigerian guys can never stop loving and would never want to lose.

Being a young Nigerian woman is hard work. First, you have to wear the hair of girls from other countries. Then, you have to endure being pulled and called ‘Fine girl’ whenever you’re traversing through the local market in your city. Shit is crazy.

The most unfortunate aspect, however, is that you have to attract and date a Nigerian guy.

To date the Nigerian guy, you must know his specs and strive to fit into them. You don’t want to embark on this journey uninformed or ill-prepared.

Here are the six types of women:

1) The domestic help

The domestic help
The domestic help

If you do not take delight in doing house chores, please stop fantasising about your Nigerian Prince. We are handicapped at home. This is why we need a girl that dusts, cleans, scrubs, sweeps, wipes, washes, launders and mops.

We especially love those who can do all these without the help of any machines like the vacuum cleaner or the washing machine. Those ones are wife material. 100 yards.

2) The understanding girlfriend

The understanding girlfriend
The understanding girlfriend

Nigerian guys want girls who understand a simple truth: that the penis has a mind of its own. This means it can find its way into a friend, a colleague, a stranger, an ex, the maid, your sister, and so on. This does not in any way invalidate our love for you. Remember the old adage, ‘A man can sleep with anyone, but he always comes home to the one he loves.’ Let this thought comfort you.



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