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Man narrates how a friend who was squatting with him, slept with a girl in his presence

A man has narrated his experience with his friend who sought admission at another university and had to squat with him for the meantime.

According to the Twitter user identified as @akwaricharles, his friend made his own house incondusive for him as he was always fond of bringing in a girl who would stay with him all through the night.

After confronting him about everything, the issue persisted and the climax for him was when they had s*x in his presence and even went to the extent of splashing sp3rm on his body.

In his words;

“I evicted a friend who was squatting with me while in Uniport. Chima wasn’t a student. Since his admission was not genuine, he had to leave ABSU and was looking for ways to get into Uniport.

Things were good till Chima met Nneka.
Every time I get home from class, Nneka is laying on my bed with Chima. Most of the time I give them space and go to a neighbors room to chill.

I called Chima and had a conversation with him about how inconvenience it is to always have Nneka around all the time. He promised he would change. Well, there were changes but it didn’t last for a week.

Things changed when I went to Choba campus to read from 3:00pm to 10:00pm. I was tired and exhausted. When I got home, Chima and Nneka were already laying and gisting on my bed.

I didn’t say anything. To make the matters worse they finished all the food left in the house. I didn’t bother, I soaked garri and salt and went to lay on the floor with wrapper.

I couldn’t sleep early cos I was still trying to internalize all that I read.
As at 12:25am, Chima and Nneka started their usual romping. This was my first time sleeping in my room when Nneka was around. I usually just sleep in a neighbors apt.

They started making some funny sound, quite like “v-ginal farting”. I guess Chima had his fingers inside her.
I was already mad angry, so I closed my eyes and tried to force myself to sleep, but the noise and the movement of the sheet kept disturbing.

Chai, Chima started combing Nneka and I lost all sleep. I laid there like a rescued cat. They probably thought I was asleep already.

Suddenly I felt a warm fluid-like stuff on my head, just very close to my earlobe dripping down my neck. Out of immediate curiosity, I touched it and it felt sticky.

I quickly stood up and went to the bathroom, turned on the light and it was sperm. Chima pulled out on my head? Or was it from Nneka? F*ck no.

This is the height of nonsense. House that I pay 100% for? I took a shower and went back to lay down. The next morning, I told Chima to leave my house”.


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